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March - the month where new habits die?

What's happened to those good health intentions from the start of the year? I've heard it said that just a few weeks later, as we reach the month of March, the majority of us have left those well meant resolutions far behind. Certainly, I remember from my days of managing health clubs, that many new January members would have already started to drop off on their visit frequencies - a sign of waning enthusiasm and new habits in decline. So, what's the next step? Rather than wait until Deecember to review this year's new habits, check in and adapt them now. It's ok for priorities to have changed along the way, and an early mindset shift might be all that's needed to recognise the small steps of acheivement and set some new, more appropriate goals.

Taking time each morning to set your intention for the day is a powerful daily habit to create. Try this within 30 minutes of waking up....

  • Find a quiet space where you can be undisturbed. Ideally, allow this to be a sunlit place. Outdoors if it's possible.

  • Sit quietly to consider the activities of the day ahead. Give thought to why these things are important to you, and which of your attributes and values you will bring to these tasks. Which of your health habits will you include into today?

  • You might like to write your thoughts down. Some people like to journal their daily intentions. Some like to create a 'thought for the day', a mantra, or a goal.

  • As you visualise the flow of your day, you might like to bring a sense of curiosity to the outcomes, an intention to how you will show up, or wonder what else might be possible?

  • Allow for self-compassion to flow for those times when incomplete tasks might sit heavily on your shoulders, and remind yourself that it's ok for things to go differently to the plan.

The day ahead is yours. When you look back, how do you want to it to be?

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