I'm Julia.


Throughout 30 years in the field of Health I've found that I absolutely LOVE helping busy people to cut through the maze of information and find what works for them. 


For years I had a corporate role, with a frequent travel schedule, so I get how it feels to have a demanding job and to juggle the demands of a busy home life too! Most importantly, I've seen how stress can force health to slip down the priority list. And when our health slips, before long, it leaves it's mark on our happiness and performance as well as our bodies.


I'm a Qualified Naturopath and Life Coach with a Batchelor of Health Science and major in Psychology.


I'm lucky to have worked and learned alongside some of the most amazing minds in Functional Medicine. And to be honest, I've had my own health hiccups along the way! So it is with a combination of expertise, personal and professional experience, that I bring health programs and individual coaching sessions to support you on your journey in rediscovering your best wellness in work and in life.


You can create the wellbeing you are looking for, and I am so excited about helping you to find it!



BSc. (Hons) Health Science.

Adv Dip. Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine.


What are people saying?

“Julia creates a supportive, judgement-free environment in which I can express myself freely. Julia has help me to see patterns that had been blocking me from achieving the results I wanted. Julia has enabled me to view things differently and to create a more resourceful mindset around myself, my business and my life.”

- Olga

Being Well at Work 


Combining Naturopathic principles with Life Coaching, I provide qualified support to professionals who want to improve their wellness in work and in life.


When you have a demanding work life your wellness can easily get put on the back burner. Putting more effort into your colleagues, business and the bottomless inbox than you do yourself, can leave you feeling the effects of stress, sleeplessness, poor eating habits and overwhelm. 


We all have the occasional bad day. We brush ourselves off, maybe have a glass of wine that night?... but we can usually shake it off and get straight back into it the next day. However, sometimes the bad days outnumber the good and that's when work stress can start to impact health. When we lose our mojo at work it affects our attitude, our productivity and ultimately how well we do our job. I've seen it happen to people in the workplace. I've seen it happen to business owners. I've seen it happen to friends and family. Confession time... I've even seen it happen to myself!


Work performance and wellness are intimately related, so in our coaching we will focus on:


I believe that when we are more fulfilled by our work, when we feel valued and connected to those we work with, and when can clearly see our contribution, we are more likely to bring our best. We are more creative. We are more effective. We experience less negative stress. We are simply better at our jobs when our work-life brings us joy! And this ultimately means better business outcomes too.


I believe that when we experience optimal wellness in body and mind, we perform better in our all aspects of life. By ensuring the foundations of health are in place we can bring a higher level of energy and alertness to our job, our family and ourselves and find greater fulfillment in what we do each day. 

Let's talk if...

You want to feel healthier

You're not sure if you're eating the right food for you

You've tried supplements, but are confused about which one is right for you

Your work-life is so busy that you can't find time for health and fitness 

You love your job but are feeling unmotivated

You'd like to sleep better

You want to get back to great health but feel unsure about how.


Being Well Programs


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Let's talk about your wellbeing...